Our Services

Creating fusion splicing

We splicing all common fiber / glass fiber single-mode and multimode fibers (9/125μ, 50/125μ, 62.5/125μ) both in and outdoors.

Attenuation Measurements

Attenuation measurement of the installed cables with protocol.

OTDR Measurements

Acceptance and certification protocols with measurement of the installed fiber link and troubleshooting existing routes.

Manufacturing of customized fiber optic connectors

We gluing and polishing all common connectors (ST, SC, LC) using two-component glue on installation and patch cables.

Supply of all components

We will supply on request all the components for your fiber optic and copper data network of well-known manufacturer of the splice distributor (19-inch, wall and DIN rail splice distributor), data racks with equipment to cable and fiber optic switches and media converters just ask us.

Supply of fiber optic cables

We supply all common installation and patch cables (breakout cable, bundle cables, patch cables, etc.) for indoor and outdoor use, on request, we will install the cable also equal to expertly with expansion of cable routes if required.

Blowing in micro and mini cables up to 6.5mm

We can blow micro and mini cables from 1.7mm to 6.5mm into tubes with speedpipes with a diameter of 3-16mm. For this we have a Jakob Thaler / Jetting blowing device, the Micro Blower HD with integrated logging and a suitable compressor

Insertion of glass fiber lines

We can move in up to 300m on fiber optic cables using cable pulling pieces (tube snake like Vetter cable) by hand.

Installation and acceptance of copper networks

In addition we also install fiber optic networks complete copper networks with acceptance and certification of measurement to Cat 6a to 10Gbit.

Data Center cabling and Services

We also provide data center cabling to the copper &. FO range in this area, we work with by prestigious German manufacturer to bring you the highest quality to offer for your data center.

Active network components

Installation and setup of active network components in office and industrial environments such as routers, switches, firewalls, media converters, network adapters, special industrial network components.

Rental of a mobile fiber optic cable drum

We have a cable drum in our range with 300m multimode cable. The cable has an LC connector provided (comparable to a normal cable reel), wound on the drum and can be adjusted depending on the length unwind. The cable has 4 fibers (2 channels) in OM3 Quality built in, so are transmission speeds up to 10Git / s possible.

Qualify copper and fibre optic lines up to 10Gbit/s

Verification Checks whether a cabling supports transmission up to 10 Gbit/s Bit Error Rate Tests (BERT), determines the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), determines the delay skew network and diagnosis of passive and active networks, troubleshooting in active PoE / PoE+/ PoE++ networks and testing for PoE capability.


We stand by our experience in the design of networks in and help you safely and effectively to solve complex tasks.

Our company is operation all over germany and worldwide too.

Technical Equipment

Our equipment includes modern 3-axis splicers for fusion splicing, such as:

  • 3x Fujikura FSM-70S, Corning OptiSplice LID III and CDS III splicers
  • Optical Measurements Instruments (ODTR, attenuation meters) for single and mltimode fibers from Corning as 2x of the Optivisor1000
  • Fiber Optic Talk Set
  • Fiber identifier JDSU FI-60 (to check if traffic to the fiber)
  • Gas warning unit MSA Altair 4X (for work in cable and waste water shafts)
  • Psiber Data – WireXpert LAN Cable Certifier to 2400 MHz
  • Cutt off Infeed Conveyor up to 300m
  • Jakob Thaler blowing device / Jetting Micro Blower HD with integrated logging for cables up to 6.5mm
  • Atmos PB82E compressor
  • Softing- NetXpert XG network/cabling qualifier for fibre optics and copper up to 10Gbit/s

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